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Are you looking for that perfect shrub or tree for your landscaping project? Do you need help finding the right landscaping element for your customers? Arbor Valley Nursery is ready to help you! We are a commercial nursery that assists garden centers, landscapers, and other botanical businesses. Let us find a great tree, shrub, grass, or plant for your outdoor spaces.

Plant Nursery in Colorado

When you need to find the best plant nursery in Colorado, make sure to choose us. Your landscaping project will come alive with plants from our nursery. Along with that, we have a selection that is unmatched in value. These plants can certainly brighten up your spaces. From Knock-Out roses to Black Night butterfly bushes, you will find the ideal plant for any design plan. You can use them in a mass planting or as a single specimen focal point. We have a large selection that is guaranteed to spruce up your outdoor areas.

We care about quality. For that reason, our nursery carries brands that are known for their high-quality products. Our Purple echinacea and Sunset hyssop are some of the plants in the Proven Winners line. This brand features trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals that deliver beautiful results throughout your landscape.

For those regions in the intermountains and high plains, make sure to choose Plant Select. You will find the Carol Mackie daphne and Panchito Manzanita under this brand. With Plant Select products, you can enjoy the beauty of these plants without all the hard work. These products allow you to achieve a stunning garden and make a positive impact on the environment.

The First Editions brand features plants that are “Selected for Success.” One of those great selections is the Light-o-Day hydrangea. These trees, shrubs, evergreens, vines, and perennials all have unique traits and deliver excellent results. With these products, you can beautify your front porch or entire backyard.

Shrub Nursery Near Me in Colorado

Many modern landscapes use shrubs and bushes throughout their spaces. These shrubs are also becoming a great way to create a low-maintenance border without the use of perennials. Shrubs remain attractive for several years and require minimal effort from you. If you want to create a personal oasis, then a shrub is the ideal element. Our shrubs anchor those spaces and can be coordinated to provide color throughout the growing season.

Some smaller shrubs excel in a front yard as a focal point. If you choose one that is a repeating bloomer, you might be treated to a show throughout the seasons. Shrubs can help the environment and provide shelter for wildlife. You might want to select a shrub, such as the Little Princess spirea, to create an outstanding bee and butterfly garden. Some shrubs even produce berries that you can turn into a treat. If you need to find the ideal shrub for your space, we have a large selection of these outstanding products.

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Wholesale Tree Nursery Near Me

Trees are beneficial in any landscape. These landscaping elements can frame a home or add shade to any space. Like the Western hackberry, some of our trees bring character into your yard. Many of our tree varieties are densely branched and excel as privacy screens. You might want to add some color to your spaces. In that case, the Spring Snow crabapple develops ornate flowers to delight visitors during the blooming season. For those who love brilliant fall colors, make sure to select a tree that puts on a spectacular autumn show, such as the Autumn Blaze maple. All these trees provide a unique look to your landscape.

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Grass Nursery Near Me in Colorado

Grasses can add that finishing touch to your landscape. If you want to make your space “pop,” then it might be time to select a few of these varieties. Ornamental grasses provide some airiness to those dense spaces. You might want to choose a variety that brings a little color to your landscape design, such as the Shenandoah switch grass. Grasses can be utilized as a loose border, an accent piece, or a compact ground cover. The possibilities are endless when you choose an ornamental grass for your landscape.

Whether you want to make a big statement with a regal tree or just need a flowery pop of color, we have the perfect landscaping element waiting for you.

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Maiden Grass

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Arbor Valley Nursery is a family-operated business that has helped customers for over 35 years. We offer unequaled warranty programs on our line of products. With that, we set ourselves apart from the competition. Along with offering high-quality selections, our company provides unmatched customer service in Colorado. If you are interested in purchasing a product from our inventory, please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form.

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