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Arbor Valley Nursery is ready to help with all your landscaping needs. Our inventory includes a full line of products, including grasses, trees, shrubs, and plants. If you need help selecting the perfect piece for your next project, we are here to assist you. We understand the needs of garden centers, nurseries, and professional landscapers. Our wholesale nursery features products to create a fantastic landscape.

Plant Nursery in Greeley, Colorado

You can have lush green grass, but it might look plain without a few plants. Plants can help to add some color and texture to your spaces. You can mix and match them in your perennial beds or use them to create a soft border. During the spring and summer, your spaces can come alive with the proper selection of plants and flowers. Those plants will even put on a show throughout the autumn months.

The right plants can anchor your landscape design. Use a few in a mass planting for a boost of texture. Like the Western sandcherry, some of our plants produce berries and make an exceptional choice for fruit orchards. If you want to have a few visitors throughout the day, choose plants known to attract bees, butterflies, and birds.

We care about our products, and our company carries some of the best brands on the market. The Proven Winners line makes an excellent choice for any garden bed or outdoor space. Their selection is guaranteed to look great throughout the growing season. You might want to add the Gold Drop potentilla or Lo n’ Behold Blue Chip butterfly bush to your space.

If you want an incredible landscape without too much fuss, turn to the products in the Plant Select line. These perennials and shrubs shine in all landscapes. Plants like the Panchito Manzanita will look stunning in those native spaces.

Finally, the premium First Editions are highly desired for any commercial landscaping business. Their plants are designated as “Selected for Success,” and they will provide a spectacular boost to your next landscaping project. The Standing Ovation serviceberry and Amber Jubilee ninebark are some of the line’s standout products.

Shrub Nursery Near Me in Greeley, Colorado

Shrubs add another layer to your landscape design plan. These elements are versatile throughout the year. You might want to plant some Lodense privets for privacy and rich green color. If you don’t have a lot of space but love the scent and color of lilacs, take a look at the Miss Kim. Spireas are great choices to bring some beauty and color to your area, especially the Anthony Waterer and Little Princess varieties. Whatever your needs, you can find a shrub that will excel in your landscape. At Arbor Valley Nursery, we have a large selection of shrubs.

Popular Shrubs We Carry:


Wholesale Tree Nursery Near Me in Greeley, Colorado

Trees really define a landscape. There are many choices on the market. You can find the perfect tree for your landscaping business. Our Heritage oak and other large trees can frame a house. The smaller varieties, such as the Flame Ginnala maple, are ideal for color and texture. During the fall, make sure to bring home a few Autumn Blaze maples with their fiery red color. If you want some shade, turn to the Shademaster honeylocust. For the more traditional landscape designers, you might want to select the Greenspire linden. You will find plenty of ways to incorporate trees into an outdoor space. We can help you find the right match for your business or clients.

Popular Trees we carry:

Grass Nursery Near Me in Greeley, Colorado

Grasses are starting to become a mainstay in the landscaping business. These ornamentals look lovely when paired with flowers, plants, and shrubs. You might even want to place a few around those mighty trees. However, these grasses can stand by themselves. They look exceptional in a mass planting. For those spaces that need some motion, plant the Blonde Ambition or Purple maiden grass. They can even take those native gardens to another level. If you are ready to go from dull to dazzling, reach out to us and learn about our line of grasses.

Popular Grasses we carry:

From cottage gardens to fruit orchards, we have the products to help with any of your landscaping needs. We want to make all your outdoor spaces dazzle throughout the year.

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Wholesale Nursery in Greeley, Colorado

Arbor Valley Nursery has been serving customers for over 35 years. Our family-operated business also has the expertise to assist garden centers, professional landscapers, and nurseries. We are a wholesale nursery that strives to provide you with the best service in the Greeley area. If you are looking for the right landscaping element for your business, we are ready to help answer any of your questions. When you place an order, you will receive an outstanding tree, shrub, grass, or plant from us. Please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form to learn about our nursery and products.

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