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Arbor Valley Nursery is ready to transform the look of your landscape. We carry a complete line of shrubs, trees, grasses, and plants. With a bit of help from us, you can find the best options for your next landscaping project. We specialize in working with professional landscapers, garden centers, and other businesses in the industry. Our team understands the needs of your outdoor spaces, and we want to take your landscape to the next level. If you need a single tree or a tray of spectacular flowers, make sure to contact our team.

Plant Nursery in Thornton, Colorado

When you think of landscaping elements, you probably turn to plants. Plants are a great way to boost the look of your space. Their texture varies from rugged to fine, and you can mix and match to achieve the right look. If you need to create interest for your space, think about using a few plants for a soft border. We carry plants that look great for every season. In the spring, select some profuse bloomers for added color. For some fall color, many of our varieties put on a spectacular display. Our plants can stand on their own and make an exceptional focal point. Like the Lo n’ Behold Blue Chip butterfly bush, many plants are even prized by birds and butterflies. No matter your needs, you can achieve the right look with our selection of plants.

We carry some of the best brands in the business, including Proven Winners, Plant Select, and First Editions. When you choose a product from Proven Winners, this line brings dramatic results to any landscape. It might be time to select the Neon Flash spirea or Wine n’ Roses weigela for your garden.

Plant Select products are perfect for those landscapers who don’t want to fuss with constant plant care. This line produces high-quality shrubs and perennials. The Panchito manzanita is one of the great selections from Plant Select.

Finally, the premium “Selected for Success” plants are part of the First Editions line. All their trees, perennials, and shrubs will shine in your landscape. Make sure to check out the Little Devil ninebark for your space.

Shrub Nursery Near Me in Thornton, Colorado

In addition to plants, add a few shrubs around your landscape. You can use them to line a walkway or delineate a property. However, shrubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. For a dense border, you might want to try the Lodense privet. You can also use smaller shrubs for those tight areas, such as the Miss Kim lilac. Shrubs are the perfect way to add some color and texture. If you are looking to make your space pop, think about adding rough-textured shrubs to contrast against your delicate plants. You can allow your imagination to go wild with shrubs, and we have the perfect variety waiting for you.

Popular Shrubs We Carry:



Wholesale Tree Nursery Near Me in Thornton, Colorado

Many landscapers choose trees to give some depth to their outdoor areas. If you want shade, you should think about the Shademaster honeylocust. This tree provides dappled shade throughout the growing seasons. For those who want to add color, select the Autumn Blaze maple. With this tree, your space comes alive in the fall. The Greenspire Linden is the perfect choice for those wanting a traditional tree for their landscapes. With our most extensive selection of trees, we can find the ideal match for you.

Popular Trees we carry:

Grass Nursery Near Me in Thornton, Colorado

Many clients are turning to ornamental grasses for their landscapes. Paired with shrubs, trees, and plants, these grasses are the ideal complementary piece. However, they can stand on their own and make an exceptional mass planting. With the Beyond Blue fescue, you can use them to add a touch of color. If you want motion, think about choosing the Mexican feather grass or Undaunted Ruby muhly grass. These ornamental grasses take your landscape from boring to extraordinary. We have a full line of grasses in our inventory.

Popular Grasses we carry:

If you have a commercial landscaping business, we are here to help. No matter your design plan, we have the right plants, trees, shrubs, and grasses to take your space to the next level.

Sapphire Blue Oat Grass

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Wholesale Nursery in Thornton, Colorado

For over 35 years, Arbor Valley Nursery has helped those in the commercial landscaping, garden center, and nursery business. Our family-operated company provides the best customer service in the Thornton area. If you need help to choose the right element for your space, please reach out to us. Our team of experts can assist with any project! When you place an order, we will handle your product with care and continue to answer questions after it arrives at your location. Please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form for more information about our company and inventory.

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