Green Mound Alpine Currant

Ribes alpinum ‘Green Mound’

Add the Green Mound Alpine currant (Ribes alpinum ‘Green Mound’) if you want to get a deciduous shrub with a hardy nature. This particular shrub is a carefree plant that is almost maintenance-free. You can use them as a single specimen or in a mass planting. Arbor Valley Nursery can help you get this shrub for your landscaping project.

Green Mound Alpine Currant Attributes

The Ribes alpinum’ Green Mound’ is an upright and compact shrub. It has dense branches with foliage that extends down to the ground. In the spring, the Green Mound begins to develop leaves. The 5-inch leaves are lobed-shaped and feature a vibrant green color. In the autumn, those leaves transform into a spicy dark tone. When the leaves drop, this currant exposes its brown stems, which tend to exfoliate. Some currants can produce tiny red berries, but the fruit is not ornamentally significant for the most part.

Green Mound Alpine Currant



  • Plant Type: Shrub​
  • Watering Needs: Average
  • Botanical Pronunciation: RI-bez al-PIE-num
  • Deciduous/evergreen: Deciduous
  • Growth rate: Average
  • Average landscape size: 2 to 3 feet tall by 3 feet wide
  • Special features: Vibrant green foliage and stunning texture
  • Foliage color: Green to yellow
  • Blooms: Early summer
  • Flower color: Yellow
  • Flower attributes: Small yellowish flowers may not develop on all plants.
  • Garden style: Rustic, cottage
  • Design Ideas: Great shrub to add to a small border. Can be used as a border plant for a landscape. Mass planting brings plenty of color and texture to empty spaces.
  • Companion Plants: Marigold, chamiolle, and yarrow

Green Mound Alpine Currant Landscape Uses

Since the dense branches are low to the ground, the Green Mound Alpine currant is an excellent choice to use as a hedge for your property. You might also want to place several of them to create a beautiful privacy screen. Think about placing this shrub in front of taller and leggy shrubs and trees for a layered look. This Ribes alpinum ‘Green Mound’ has a fine texture that sets itself apart from those rough foliage types.

This currant offers several seasons of interest, especially in the summer and fall. If you want to enjoy the exfoliating bark in the winter, place it in a spot where you can view it during the colder months. The Green Mound is sure to stand out against a blanket of crisp white snow. You can even create a highlight in your yard by adding several currants in a mass planting.

Green Mound Alpine Currant Planting and Care

This currant can adapt to a wide range of environments. It is recommended to plant them in USDA zones 2 to 7. When the plant is mature, it spreads out to 3 feet wide and reaches 4 feet in height. The Ribes alpinum ‘Green Mound’ grows at a medium rate and can last about 30 years in your landscape.

Since it is adaptable, grow it in full sunshine or shade. Along with that, the Green Mound Alpine currant can be placed in moist or dry locations. This currant is not particular to a soil or pH type. You might want to fertilize young currants to promote foliage development.

Once the plant has established, occasional light feeding is recommended. Pruning should be done to help the shrub keep its shape. Complete these cuttings early to promote the renewal of the branches. Take the largest branches and remove a few of them. With this, you can ensure that the lower limbs will start to thrive and not die out.

You don’t need much maintenance in the winter, but it is important to check for rabbit damage. These creatures love to dig and chew on the branches. If there are signs of animal damage, cloth can be placed around the base of the shrub.

Choose the Green Mound Alpine Currant Today!

Ribes alpinum 'Green Mound'

When you need a shrub that checks off all the boxes for your landscape needs, make sure to choose the Green Mound Alpine currant. You will notice that this shrub outperforms those other varieties in your yard. With its stunning texture and vibrant green hue, this Ribes alpinum ‘Green Mound’ makes a perfect addition to your outdoor spaces. You will not be disappointed when you add the Green Mound Alpine currant to your space.

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