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Summer Wine® Ninebark

Physocarpus opulifolius

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Summer Wine® Ninebark. Dark green bush with white flowers.

Discover More Information On Summer Wine® Ninebark

This North American native plant features deep purple foliage with pale pink blooms. As an improvement to other ninebarks, Summer Wine combines the compact branching and fine texture of “Nana” with the dark foliage of the “Diabolo.” This variety is smaller than the other ninebark varieties. If you are looking to introduce a wine-colored leaf into your garden, you will want to choose the Summer Wine ninebark. It is a fast-growing plant that has few problems with pests. The Summer Wine ninebark is an award-winning plant for its spectacular appearance and hardiness. It has won the prestigious Theodore Klein Award from the University of Kentucky Arboretum.

Plant Attributes

Summer Wine ninebark is an easy to care plant that will add brilliance and color to any space. In a landscape, this plant is aesthetically pleasing with its graceful and arching growth habit. Its foliage is known for vibrant wine-colored leaves and pale pink blooms. These flowers will add a beautiful shade of pink button blooms in the spring. In early June, you can see the white button-like blooms that accentuate the leaves.

Summer Wine ninebark has a height of 60 to 72 inches and a spread of 60 to 72 inches. This plant makes a beautiful addition to a landscape, and it does well for those who want a shrub for mass planting. The color of the blooms will also make a spectacular addition to bouquets. For those who want a thriller in a container or a border plant, Summer Wine ninebark will work perfectly in these roles.

Landscape Use

With a landscape-friendly size and arching habit, the Summer Wine ninebark is a beautiful way to add vibrant color to your outdoor spaces. In the springtime, the plant will bloom with a light pink color. This plant is the perfect shrub for those who want a reliable foliage filler. Summer Wine ninebark plants require very little maintenance, and it can adapt to most environments. This plant has the best mildew-resistance of all the dark-leaf ninebark varieties. Summer Wine ninebark can be used in mass groupings, containers, and shrub borders. This plant is ideal for those who need a ninebark shrub that can adapt to difficult sites.

Planting & Care

Summer Wine ninebark can be planted as a mass planting or a border plant. It would be best if you spaced the plants 72 to 84 inches apart, center on center. Spacing is essential to ensure the health of the plant and prevent overcrowding in your space. This plant looks great as a mixed border or a bold accent. Summer Wine ninebark is a trouble-free addition to both commercial and residential landscapes.

The Summer Wine ninebark is a full sun plant that requires a minimum of six hours per day. In USDA zones 3 to 7, this ninebark will thrive. This plant can adapt to severe climates with some simple maintenance. It can withstand both alkaline and acidic soil conditions. The Summer Wine ninebark requires medium moisture in well-draining soil. This type of shrub only has average water needs. Once the Summer Wine ninebark has established, it is relatively drought-tolerant. It is recommended to fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer designed for trees and shrubs in the early spring.

The Summer Wine ninebark prefers an open site with efficient air circulation. After blooming, pruning should be done on the plant. For the best results, the plant must have a hard prune as a young shrub. Once that happens, the young buds will be set in the summer prior to blooming. Pruning should never be done in its initial growing stage as it can stun the plant. You should be careful with this shrub. Frequent cuttings can make the plant grow into an unusual habit. After the plant has established, pruning should be limited to periodic rejuvenation cuttings. However, this plant is best enjoyed in its natural, graceful habit.

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Summer Wine® Ninebark


If you want to purchase a Summer Wine ninebark for your business or customers, make sure to contact Arbor Valley Nursery. Our nursery carries a wide range of plants, trees, and shrubs, including the versatile Summer Wine ninebark. As a wholesale nursery distributor, we serve commercial landscapers, garden centers, and other nurseries. Our team can help you find the right species for your landscaping business. If you want to learn more about the Summer Wine ninebark or any other varieties, please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form.

Plant Features

  • Watering Needs: Water regularly in extreme heat. Requires less water once established.
  • Botanical Pronunciation: fy-so-KAR-pus op-yoo-lih-FOH-lee-us
  • Plant type: Perennial, Shrub
  • Deciduous/evergreen: Deciduous
  • Growth habit: Rounded
  • Average landscape size: Reaches 5 to 6 ft. tall and wide.
  • Special features: Dramatic Foliage Color, Improved Disease Resistance, North American Native Selection
  • Foliage color: Purple
  • Blooms: Mid Summer
  • Flower color: Pink
  • Flower attributes Flowers for Cutting, Showy Flowers
  • Garden style Cottage, Rustic
  • Patent Act: Asexual reproduction of plants protected by the Plant Patent Act is prohibited during the life of the patent.

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