Plants For Professional Landscapers


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February 3, 2023

Plants For Professional Landscapers

Plants for professional landscapers are a great way to add beauty and value to any outdoor space. Whether it’s an urban garden, a suburban backyard, or even the grounds of a corporate campus, plants can help create stunning outdoor scenes. Plants offer many benefits to both homeowners and professionals alike. They can provide shade on hot summer days, act as natural air filters, increase property values, and much more.

When selecting plants for landscaping applications, climate plays an important role in making sure the right plant is chosen for the job. Plants that are suited to local climates tend to thrive better than those that aren't ideal for their environment. Certain climates may require special consideration when choosing plants; however, there are excellent options available year-round. 

From evergreens to flowering plants, there are many varieties of plants that can provide a variety of textures, shapes, and colors to any landscape design.

When searching for landscaping plants, it is important to research the types of plants that thrive in the local climate before making a purchase. Plants like shrubs and grasses are ideal options because they don’t require much maintenance and their root systems won’t disrupt underground utilities or cause damage to sidewalks and driveways. With proper selection, these landscaping staples can add vibrant color and texture to any outdoor area while creating an effective windbreak when planted along fences or walls.

By taking into account the local climate, soil type, and the tastes of the homeowner, professional landscapers can create beautiful outdoor spaces with plants that will thrive and add beauty to any landscape. Plants are an essential part of a professional landscaper’s toolkit, so make sure to consider varieties that will work best for your project. With their knowledge and available resources, they can help you select the right plants for success in any climate.

With proper planning and selection, professional landscapers have access to a wide variety of plant materials that can withstand different climates and conditions. From trees and shrubs to ground cover plants, there are plenty of options available when creating a wonderful outdoor space. Plants also come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to make any outdoor area look beautiful and inviting. With the right knowledge, professional landscapers can help create inspiring outdoor areas with plants that are perfectly suited for their climate and location.

Trees For Professional Landscapers

Princeton Elm

The Princeton elm (Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’) is a great choice for landscaping. Often referred to as the American Elm, it is a medium-to-large deciduous tree that can grow up to 60-80 feet in height. It has a vase-shaped, broad-rounded crown with small green flowers appearing on its branches before the leaves emerge.

The dark green foliage of these leaves, which are 6 inches long and rough textured, will provide you with pleasant visuals throughout the growing season. By autumn, they turn a bright yellow color that adds more beauty to your landscape.

The Princeton elm is among the most popular varieties of trees for landscaping. With a classic American look and incredible shade, this elm will create a tranquil setting in any outdoor space. Its symmetrical beauty makes it an ideal choice for accenting gardens, patios, and other outdoor areas. It can thrive in a variety of soil types as long as it's planted correctly with proper care and attention.

This tree will grow to 80 feet tall, making it an excellent choice if you're looking to add height or privacy to your backyard. The branches are strong and dense, providing plenty of shade throughout all seasons - perfect for those hot summer days! Additionally, the Princeton elm is resistant to Dutch Elm Disease which

Northern Catalpa

The Northern catalpa is a popular choice for landscaping due to its fast growth rate and lush foliage. Plants in the Bignonia family, such as the Trumpet vine and Royal paulownia, are all related to this species of catalpa. With proper care, Northern catalpas can reach up to 80 feet tall and their leaves can measure up to 12 inches wide.

These large, heart-shaped leaves provide an excellent source of shade for your yard or garden making it an ideal choice for landscaping. Whether you're looking for a statement tree with lots of character or simply need more shade around your home, the Northern Catalpa should be at the top of your list!

The Northern catalpa is an excellent choice for those looking to landscape with native plants. Not only is it a showy tree, but its wide range makes it ideal for use alongside rivers, creeks, and streams throughout much of the United States.

The dense canopy can provide shade and shelter smaller plants, while its large, heart-shaped leaves add visual interest to any garden. For a truly natural look, combine the tree with a meadow seed mix that will attract local wildlife such as birds and butterflies. Adding the Northern Catalpa to your landscaping will create a breathtakingly beautiful outdoor space that everyone can enjoy!

Grasses For Professional Landscapers

Korean Feather Reed Grass

The Korean feather reed grass (Calamagrostis brachytricha) is a great choice for landscaping due to its attractive glossy leaves and colorful plumes. Growing up to 4 feet tall, the grass produces airy panicles high on the upright stems by summertime. For added interest in the fall, pink-tinged plumes appear by August providing an eye-catching display after most other grasses have gone dormant.

This hardy perennial is perfect for adding texture and color to any garden or landscape. Plant it in full sun to partial shade and make sure that it receives regular watering during periods of drought.

The Korean Feather Reed Grass provides a great solution for adding texture and interest to your landscaping. This graceful ornamental grass is known for its stunning mass plantings and impressive accent varieties, making it an ideal choice for any yard or garden. With deep roots that can help control erosion, this perennial grass will remain part of the landscape even after dry spells or other extreme weather conditions.

It's also low maintenance and easy to care for, requiring only basic pruning and watering in order to thrive. Whether planted as a single specimen or in large groupings, the Korean Feather Reed Grass adds beauty and drama to any landscape project.

Mexican Feather Grass

The Mexican feather grass (Nassella tenuissima) is an ideal choice for landscaping. This ornamental grass is known for its lush, feather-like foliage that adds a unique touch to any space. The grass has fine textured leaves that sway gracefully with the slightest breeze, making it an eye-catching addition to your outdoor setting. With its mounded form and airy appearance, the Mexican feather grass brings life and movement to your landscape design.

Planting this species of grass will provide you with an effortless way to add texture, color, and character to your property - all while being low maintenance! Whether you’re looking for ground cover or a focal point in your garden bed, the Mexican feathergrass is sure to be a winning choice.

The Mexican feather grass is an ideal choice for landscaping. It is a fast-growing ornamental grass that can reach heights of 12 to 24 inches and spread out up to 30 inches, making it perfect for mass plantings. This variety provides a lightweight texture that adds visual interest and softness to your landscape. Its drought tolerance and heat resistance make the Mexican feather grass an excellent ground cover, providing a way to fill in blank spaces without overwhelming the area. With its versatility and beautiful features, this feather grass will be sure to add delight to any landscape!

Shrubs For Professional Landscapers

Miss Kim Lilac

Miss Kim Lilac (Syringa pubescens subsp. patula ‘Miss Kim) is an excellent choice for landscaping. The shrub can grow up to 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide, making it a great fit for larger garden areas. It's recommended that the plant be planted in moist, well-drained soil with full sun exposure for optimal growth. This variety produces single pink flower clusters that bloom in early summer.

Along with the pink colors, these flowers have a sweet fragrance that travels throughout your garden, making them a great addition to any outdoor space. For best results, pruning should be done after the blooming season as this will encourage more growth and flowering for the following year. Miss Kim Lilac is also known for its colorful foliage: dark green leaves during the summer months and blush

For a larger property, the versatile Miss Kim lilac can provide a stunning backdrop with its abundant blooms. It is perfect for hedges and foundation plantings, as it stands out against other plants in the landscape. When planting multiple lilacs to form a hedge, they should be spaced 2 to 3 feet apart from each other at the center of each shrub. This spacing will create a denser hedge. For less dense hedges or foundation plantings around your home's higher windows, you can space your lilacs about 3 to 4 feet apart. In addition, you can use this beautiful shrub to underplant smaller evergreens and flowering plants in order to create an inviting landscape design that will stand out for years to come.

Gold Mound Spirea

The Spiraea japonica ‘Goldmound’ is a great choice for gardeners looking to add some golden charm to their landscape. Its bright, golden foliage shines throughout the growing season and its oval leaves can grow up to 3 inches long with cut-in "teeth" that are not sharp. In springtime, this plant bursts forth with a stunning array of golden leaves - an excellent way to welcome the warm weather!

Plants like the 'Goldmound' spiraea make perfect additions to any landscaping project, adding natural color and texture to your outdoor space. With easy maintenance and hardy growth, this beautiful shrub is sure to bring years of enjoyment to any yard or garden.

The Gold Mound spirea is a great choice for anyone looking to add life and color to their landscaping. This deciduous shrub has distinctive foliage that provides a rich golden hue all year round, making it perfect for adding contrast to duller plants in the garden.

As a specimen planting, this spirea will bring plenty of attention thanks to its striking beauty which is sure to turn some heads. To get the most out of its vibrant color, plant the shrub in an area where people can appreciate it fully, such as near pathways or outdoor seating areas. It’s low maintenance and easy to care for, meaning you don’t have to worry about spending too much time maintaining your landscaping.