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Proven Winners plants with purple ball shaped flowers and white clusters

Popular Plants

Check out some of our most popular plants in this category. See our full list below, or view our Plant Catalog for our complete list of available plants!

soft serve gold false cypress

Soft Serve Gold False Cypress

Soft Serve® Gold false cypress is a fantastic addition to your garden. It has bright gold foliage that stays colorful all year. This plant naturally grows in a neat pyramid shape, making it great for your front entrance or adding a formal touch to your yard. It can thrive in both sunny and shady spots and is easy to care for. It's also resistant to deer and can tolerate salt. So, it's a versatile and low-maintenance choice for your landscape. Whether you want something that adds structure, color, or interest, this plant has got you covered.

simply scentsational sweetshrub

Simply Scentsational® Sweetshrub

Meet Simply Scentsational Sweetshrub, a native plant that smells amazing and looks gorgeous. Its flowers bloom from spring to summer and have a unique fragrance that's a mix of melon, banana, strawberry, and Juicy Fruit gum. It's a tough plant that can withstand cold weather (down to zone 4) and deer won't bother it. Plus, it's a magnet for local wildlife, making your garden even more vibrant. Add this special shrub to your garden for both beauty and practicality.

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