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Proven Winners plants with purple ball shaped flowers and white clusters

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Arctic Fire Dogwood. Thin golden and reddish shrub.

Arctic Fire Dogwood

The Arctic Fire dogwood will add a glowing red color to your wintry landscape. The stems turn a bright red in the winter and provide a beautiful contrast against the white snow. For that reason, these branches make a great addition to your holiday decor and outdoor planters. The clusters of white flowers form on the stems in the springtime. These flowers produce white berries that are enjoyed by the local birds. The flowers are also known to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and they are repellent to most deer.

Fine Line Buckthorn

The Fine Line buckthorn is a versatile choice for most landscapes. This shrub is admired for its wispy and eye-catching foliage. It has an upright, narrow growth habit that is the ideal solution for those who want an accent plant. The Fine Line buckthorn is a drought-tolerant shrub that makes an excellent textural effect for all garden compositions. This robust columnar plant will add an attractive element to your outdoor spaces.

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Fine Line Buckthorn. Tall thin shrub with green foliage.