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Soft Serve Gold False Cypress

Chamaecyparis pisifera

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soft serve gold false cypress

Discover More Information On Soft Serve® Gold False Cypress

Soft Serve® Gold false cypress is a fantastic addition to your garden. It has bright gold foliage that stays colorful all year. This plant naturally grows in a neat pyramid shape, making it great for your front entrance or adding a formal touch to your yard. It can thrive in both sunny and shady spots and is easy to care for. It's also resistant to deer and can tolerate salt. So, it's a versatile and low-maintenance choice for your landscape. Whether you want something that adds structure, color, or interest, this plant has got you covered.

Plant Attributes

The Soft Serve® Gold false cypress has some great qualities as a plant. It naturally grows in a neat pyramid shape, so it looks good without needing lots of care. Its standout feature is its bright golden leaves that stay colorful all year, even in winter. One really useful thing about it is that deer don't like to eat it, so your garden is safe from their munching. Plus, it can handle salty conditions if you live near the coast or where salt is used for snow and ice. In simple terms, it's a low-maintenance plant with attractive, year-round color that deer won't bother, and it can handle salty areas.

Landscape Use

The Soft Serve Gold false cypress is a versatile plant for landscaping. It has bright golden leaves and a tidy shape, making it great for grabbing attention in your garden or making it look more formal. You can also mix it with other plants for a dynamic garden, or plant several in a row to create a hedge or screen for privacy. It works well near your house too. Plus, its golden color contrasts nicely with other plants. You can even put it in pots on your patio. It's pretty adaptable and can grow in rocky or salty areas. Basically, it's a plant that can make your garden look better in many different ways.

Planting & Care

To plant and take care of Soft Serve Gold false cypress, follow these simple steps. First, choose a good spot with well-drained soil and enough sunlight, remembering it can grow in sun or shade. When planting, dig a hole that's about as deep as the plant's roots and a bit wider. Mix in some compost to make the soil better. Put the cypress in the hole at the same level it was in its old pot and water it well. Use mulch to keep the soil moist and stop weeds. To look after it, make sure the soil stays damp, especially when it's young. You can trim it a little in late winter or spring. Give it some slow-release fertilizer in the spring and protect it from deer if needed. During rough winters, shield it from the wind. Also, check for bugs or diseases from time to time. Just follow these steps, and your Soft Serve Gold false cypress should do well in your garden.

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Soft Serve Gold False Cypress


Plant Features

  • Watering Needs: Requires regular watering, especially when young.
  • Botanical Pronunciation: Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Soft Serve Gold' (kah-mee-SIP-uh-riss pih-SIFF-er-uh 'Soft Serve Gold').
  • Plant Type: Evergreen shrub.
  • Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen, keeps its foliage year-round.
  • Growth Rate: Moderately paced.
  • Average Landscape Size: Grows to about 4-5 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.
  • Special Features: Striking golden foliage, deer resistance, salt tolerance.
  • Dramatic Foliage: Yes, with vibrant golden leaves.
  • Foliage Color: Golden.
  • Blooms: Occasional inconspicuous blooms.
  • Flower Color: Typically not prominent.
  • Flower Attributes: Flowers are small and not a standout feature.
  • Garden Style: Adaptable to various garden styles.
  • Design Ideas: Suitable as a focal point, for creating structure, or in mixed borders and hedges.
  • Companion Plants: Pair with dark-green conifers or contrasting-textured plants, consider low-growing perennials as groundcovers.

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