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'Stand by Me Pink' Bush Clematis

Clematis hybrid

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'Stand by Me Pink' Bush Clematis

Discover More Information On 'Stand by Me Pink' Bush Clematis

The 'Stand by Me Pink' Bush Clematis, a Clematis hybrid, emerges as a unique and enchanting addition to any garden with its distinctive bushy growth habit and captivating pink blooms. This variety diverges from the traditional climbing clematis, offering a fresh perspective with its upright, bush-like stature. Designed to capture the hearts of gardeners and pollinators alike, it stands at a mature height of between 3'2" and 3'6" with a spread of 2' to 2'2", making it a perfect fit for both garden beds and containers.

Adaptable to a range of hardiness zones from 3 to 7, this perennial is remarkably resilient, capable of withstanding the extreme minimum temperatures these zones experience during winter. It thrives under the full embrace of the sun to partial shade, requiring about 4 to 6 hours of sunlight daily to flourish. Its flowering season spans from late spring through summer, ensuring a garden that's vibrant and alive with color for much of the year. Following the bloom, the plant showcases thread-like seed heads that add a unique texture and interest to the garden space.

Plant Attributes

The 'Stand by Me Pink' Bush Clematis is celebrated for its multitude of attributes that make it a standout choice for garden enthusiasts. This perennial plant falls into the tall height category, reaching an impressive garden height of 38 to 42 inches, with a spacing requirement of 24 to 26 inches to ensure optimal growth and spread. Its spread is equally notable, extending to 24 to 26 inches, providing a lush, full appearance in the garden. The striking pink color of its flowers is a visual delight, casting a soft, inviting tone that enhances the aesthetic of any outdoor space. These pink blooms are complemented by vibrant green foliage, adding a lively contrast and depth to its overall appearance.

Characterized by an upright habit, this bush clematis serves as an excellent filler in garden designs, seamlessly integrating into borders, containers, and as a focal point in landscape arrangements. Its adaptability is further showcased by its attraction to beneficial pollinators such as bees and butterflies, while simultaneously offering resistance to common garden pests like deer and rabbits. This balance of beauty and resilience makes the 'Stand by Me Pink' an invaluable addition to gardens aiming for both charm and low maintenance.

Landscape Use

The 'Stand by Me Pink' Bush Clematis offers a myriad of landscaping uses, making it a versatile addition to various garden designs and styles. Its unique characteristics and growth habit allow it to serve multiple roles in the landscape:

  • Border Planting: With its upright form and moderate height, this Clematis is perfect for creating vibrant borders along garden edges, pathways, or as a division between different sections of the garden. Its pink flowers add a soft, yet striking color contrast against the green foliage of neighboring plants.
  • Container Gardening: This bush Clematis thrives in containers, making it an excellent choice for adding height and color to patios, balconies, or deck gardens. When planted in containers, it brings the beauty of perennials up close, allowing for enjoyment of its flowers and attracting pollinators right to your outdoor living spaces.
  • Cut Flower Gardens: The blooms of 'Stand by Me Pink' make beautiful cut flowers for indoor arrangements. Planting this variety in a cut flower garden ensures a steady supply of fresh blooms throughout its flowering season, from late spring through summer.
  • Specimen or Focal Point: Due to its striking appearance and long bloom time, this Clematis can serve as a focal point in the garden. Plant it in a spot where its beauty can be appreciated from multiple angles, such as in a central garden bed or near a seating area.
  • Wildlife Garden: Attracting bees and butterflies, 'Stand by Me Pink' is ideal for wildlife gardens or pollinator-friendly landscapes. Its flowers provide a valuable source of nectar for these important garden visitors, enhancing the ecological value of your garden.
  • Mixed Perennial Beds: Incorporate 'Stand by Me Pink' into mixed perennial beds to add vertical interest and a pop of color. Its bushy, upright habit and pink blooms complement a wide range of perennials and shrubs, contributing to a dynamic and layered garden design.
  • Cottage Gardens: The romantic appeal of 'Stand by Me Pink', with its lush foliage and delicate pink flowers, fits perfectly into the informal, densely planted style of cottage gardens. It adds both height and color, enhancing the garden's whimsical charm.

Whether used for its aesthetic appeal, wildlife benefits, or both, the 'Stand by Me Pink' Bush Clematis is a versatile plant that can enhance a variety of landscaping themes and styles, making it a cherished addition to any garden.

Planting & Care

Planting and caring for the 'Stand by Me Pink' Bush Clematis involves a few key steps to ensure its health, vigor, and the production of its beautiful pink blooms. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you grow this Clematis hybrid successfully:

Planting Instructions

  • Timing: Plant in early spring or early fall when the weather is cooler. This timing helps the plant establish roots without the stress of extreme heat.
  • Location: Choose a location that receives part sun to full sun (4-6+ hours of sunlight). Although this Clematis can tolerate partial shade, optimal flowering occurs with adequate sunlight.
  • Soil Preparation: The plant prefers well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. If your soil is heavy clay or very sandy, amend it with compost or well-rotted manure to improve drainage and nutrient content.
  • Planting Depth and Spacing: Dig a hole as deep as the root ball and twice as wide. Set the plant in the hole so that the top of the root ball is level with the soil surface. Space plants 24 to 26 inches apart to allow for mature spread.
  • Watering After Planting: Water thoroughly after planting to settle the soil around the roots and help with initial establishment.

Care and Maintenance

  • Watering: Water regularly to keep the soil moist, especially during dry spells. The 'Stand by Me Pink' prefers consistent moisture but does not like to be waterlogged.
  • Mulching: Apply a layer of mulch around the base to retain soil moisture, reduce weed competition, and keep the roots cool. Ensure the mulch is not touching the stem to prevent rot.
  • Fertilization: Feed in early spring with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to support growth and flowering. Clematis benefits from additional feeding with a liquid fertilizer during the growing season.
  • Pruning: Since 'Stand by Me Pink' is herbaceous and dies back to the ground each winter, pruning is straightforward. In early spring, trim the plant down to 3-4 inches above ground level. This encourages fresh, vigorous growth and optimal flowering.
  • Support: Although it is a bushy variety and not a climber, providing support can help maintain its upright growth, especially when loaded with blooms.
  • Pest and Disease Management: Keep an eye out for common Clematis pests and diseases, such as aphids and powdery mildew. Practice good garden hygiene and treat problems early with appropriate organic or chemical solutions.


  • Hardiness Zones: Hardy in zones 3a to 7b, 'Stand by Me Pink' can withstand winter temperatures in these regions without special care. In the coldest zones, a thicker layer of mulch can help protect the root zone.
  • Winter Care: After the first hard frost, when the plant has died back, apply a protective layer of mulch to insulate the roots. In spring, remove any excess mulch to allow new shoots to emerge easily.

By following these planting and care instructions, your 'Stand by Me Pink' Bush Clematis will thrive, bringing beauty and color to your garden for many seasons.

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'Stand by Me Pink' Bush Clematis


Plant Features

  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Watering Needs: Average; ensure consistent moisture, more frequent watering may be required in extreme heat or when planted in containers.
  • Botanical Pronunciation: CLEM-uh-tis HY-brid
  • Deciduous/evergreen: Herbaceous
  • Growth rate: Moderate
  • Average landscape size: Grows to a height of 38-42 inches and spreads 24-26 inches.
  • Special features: Attracts Bees and Butterflies, Deer and Rabbit Resistant, Suitable for Containers, Cut Flower, Specimen or Focal Point, Continuous Bloom or Rebloomer
  • Foliage color: Green
  • Blooms: Late Spring through Summer
  • Flower color: Pink
  • Flower attributes: Long Bloom Season, Showy Flowers
  • Garden style: Cottage, Informal, Romantic
  • Design Ideas: Ideal for adding vertical interest to borders and garden beds. Use in mixed borders or as a stand-alone specimen. Its bushy form makes it perfect for containers on patios or balconies where its flowers can be appreciated up close. The plant's ability to attract pollinators makes it a great addition to wildlife gardens or naturalized areas. Plant alongside other perennials that enjoy similar growing conditions for a continuous display of color.
  • Companion Plants: Lavender, Shasta Daisy, Salvia, Echinacea, and other sun-loving perennials that complement its bloom time and plant form.

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