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Gold Splash® Wintercreeper

Euonymus fortunei

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Gold Splash® Wintercreeper

Discover More Information On Gold Splash® Wintercreeper

Gold Splash® Wintercreeper, or Euonymus fortunei, is a standout shrub that delivers vibrant color throughout the year. Renowned for its green and yellow variegated leaves, this plant promises consistent beauty even in colder seasons. With its disease-resistant nature, the shrub flourishes in partial to full sun and adapts to various soils except extremely wet ones. Perfect for borders, mass plantings, or tight spaces, it's not just the foliage but also the showy fall fruit that adds to its appeal. Thriving in hardiness zones 5a to 8b, its evergreen character makes it an ideal choice for both gardens and containers.

The Gold Splash® Wintercreeper is low-maintenance, withstanding heavy pruning and adaptable to different pH levels. Late fall is the best time for pruning, and an early spring application of a slow-release fertilizer boosts its growth. Its year-round color and resilience make it a favorite among other Euonymus varieties. However, it's essential to note shipping restrictions to specific states.

Plant Attributes

Gold Splash® Wintercreeper, scientifically known as Euonymus fortunei, is a vibrant and versatile shrub that stands out in gardens throughout the year. It thrives under partial to full sun exposure and is primarily cherished for its fall to winter foliage rather than its flowers. The plant reaches a mature size of 18 inches to 2 feet in both height and spread, making it an ideal medium-sized shrub for various landscapes. It showcases its resilience by flourishing in hardiness zones from 5a to 8b.

One of the plant's most captivating features is its big, round evergreen leaves with soft green and yellow variegation. This combination offers year-round color, adding visual interest to any garden setting. Furthermore, the Gold Splash® Wintercreeper is recognized for being low maintenance and drought-tolerant. As an evergreen shrub, it retains its variegated foliage throughout the year, ensuring consistent beauty. The green flowers are an added bonus, though the primary appeal lies in its foliage.

Landscape Use

  • Landscape: The Gold Splash® Wintercreeper can be prominently featured in garden landscapes due to its vibrant and year-round color, making it a focal point in any setting.
  • Containers: Its moderate size and evergreen nature make it an ideal choice for container gardening. Its year-round foliage offers a consistent display, making it a favored choice for pots and planters.
  • Mass Plantings: With its consistent variegated foliage, this plant is an excellent candidate for mass plantings, where its color can create a striking visual impact over larger areas.
  • Borders: Given its mounded habit and moderate height and spread, the Gold Splash® Wintercreeper is suitable for garden borders. It can provide definition and structure to garden edges or pathways.
  • Tight Spaces: The plant fits well into confined spaces, making it a good choice for urban gardens or areas alongside sidewalks and pathways.
  • Evergreen Display: As an evergreen, its leaves remain throughout the winter, ensuring a splash of color even in colder months. This feature is especially beneficial in landscapes where seasonal color is desired.

In essence, the Gold Splash® Wintercreeper is a multifunctional plant that adds value to various landscaping needs, from mass plantings to container gardening, with its consistent, vibrant display.

Planting & Care

Planting Instructions:

  1. Soil Preparation: The Gold Splash® Wintercreeper is adaptable to most soil types, with the exception of extremely wet conditions. Ensure the soil is well-draining. If your soil is clayey or too sandy, amend it with compost to improve its texture.
  2. pH Adaptable: The plant is flexible regarding soil pH, meaning it can thrive in both slightly acidic and slightly alkaline soils.
  3. Planting Depth: When transplanting from a container, plant the Wintercreeper at the same depth it was in the pot. This ensures the roots are well-covered but not smothered.
  4. Spacing: Ensure a spacing of 24 to 48 inches between plants, giving them ample space to grow and spread.

Care Instructions:

  1. Watering: While the plant is drought-tolerant once established, it prefers medium moisture. It's crucial to water the plant regularly, especially during dry spells, but avoid waterlogging the soil.
  2. Fertilizing: In early spring, apply a slow-release fertilizer formulated for trees and shrubs. Follow the label's recommended rate of application. This provides the plant with essential nutrients for growth and health.
  3. Pruning: The Gold Splash® Wintercreeper withstands heavy pruning. While you can prune it anytime, late fall is the best period. This helps maintain its shape, size, and encourages new growth. Remember to remove any occasional green branches and dead wood to keep the plant looking its best.
  4. Winter Care: Being an evergreen, this plant retains its leaves throughout winter, providing year-round color. However, there's no specific winter care needed, aside from ensuring it's not exposed to extremely wet conditions.
  5. Disease and Pest Management: The plant boasts excellent disease resistance. However, always keep an eye out for common pests or signs of disease. Early detection and treatment can prevent larger issues.
  6. Shipping Restrictions: Note that there are shipping restrictions for this plant to specific states like IN, MD, or NY. Ensure you're compliant with these restrictions if you're planning to transfer or sell the plant.

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Gold Splash® Wintercreeper


Plant Features

  • Botanical Name: Euonymus fortunei
  • Form: Shrub
  • Sun Exposure: Part Sun to Sun
  • Height/Habit: 18 - 24 inches
  • Spread: 18 - 24 inches
  • Spacing: 24 - 48 inches
  • Hardiness Zone: 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
  • Flowering Date: Grown for Foliage (But has green flowers)
  • Planting Instructions: Tolerant of most soils except extremely wet conditions. Prefers medium moisture. Benefits from a slow-release fertilizer in early spring.
  • Winter Care: Retains its leaves throughout winter for great color.
  • Flower Color: Green
  • Flower Form: Not specified, but primarily grown for its foliage
  • Foliage Type: Big, round evergreen leaves with soft green and yellow variegation.
  • Pruning: Withstands heavy pruning. Best done in late fall. Occasional green branches can be pruned anytime.
  • Soil Requirement: Adaptable to most soils except extremely wet conditions. pH adaptable.

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