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Fine Line Buckthorn

Rhamnus frangula

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Fine Line Buckthorn. Tall thin shrub with green foliage.

Discover More Information On Fine Line Buckthorn

The Fine Line buckthorn is a versatile choice for most landscapes. This shrub is admired for its wispy and eye-catching foliage. It has an upright, narrow growth habit that is the ideal solution for those who want an accent plant. The Fine Line buckthorn is a drought-tolerant shrub that makes an excellent textural effect for all garden compositions. This robust columnar plant will add an attractive element to your outdoor spaces.

Plant Attributes

You can enjoy this shrub’s attractive green foliage throughout the season. The green fern leaves are prized for their ornamental features, and they will turn yellow in the fall. This shrub will produce fruits, but they are inedible and sparse. The multi-stemmed deciduous shrub will work well in an environment that requires an upright and columnar growth habit. These plants excel in residential and commercial landscapes as an accent plant for screening or hedging purposes. The Fine Line buckthorn works well in mass plantings, border plantings, and framing for pathways and doors. For that reason, the Fine Line buckthorn adds a delicate texture to any composition as an accent feature for your landscape.

Landscape Use

This versatile shrub makes an excellent choice for your outdoor landscape. The Fine Line buckthorn is also suited to thrive in containers and outdoor pots. With its growth upright habit, you can also use this shrub as a thriller in a container combination with smaller plants. However, when you place it in a container, it may not grow as expected and will need to be pruned. The Fine Line buckthorn makes a great addition to other landscape applications, including mass plantings, accents, hedges, and general garden use.

You can enjoy this architectural plant in all types of landscapes. The Fine Line buckthorn is an addition that will provide velvety green leaves throughout the spring and summer, and it adds a touch of color in the fall. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly option for older, wispy plants, you should choose the Fine Line buckthorn.

Planting & Care

The Fine Line buckthorn grows to a height of 60 to 84 inches, and it has a spread of 26 to 36 inches. This shrub has a low canopy with a clearance of one foot above the ground. It is an excellent choice for those who need to plant under power lines. If you are looking to space this variety of shrub properly, you should not place them together with less than 36 inches between the plants. These shrubs are best used for borders, hedging, and screens. You can expect your Fine Line buckthorn to remain a healthy plant with the right spacing for many years. This shrub grows at a slow rate. With proper care, it can live for up to 40 years.

The Fine Line buckthorn does well in full to partial sun, and it must receive a minimum of four to six hours of sun per day. While the shrub has average water needs, it does require well-draining soil. However, the Fine Line buckthorn will adapt to both dry and moist locations. It should thrive in many home landscape areas. The Fine Line is very tolerant of urban pollution, and it will even flourish in city-like environments. This shrub is adaptable in most soil conditions, including those with varying pH levels. Fertilizer must be applied in the spring, and you should only use a slow-release product made for trees and shrubs.

Once the Fine Line buckthorn is established, it is a drought-tolerant shrub. Pruning and deadheading are not necessary for the growth of this variety. However, dead and broken branches should be removed in the fall season. If you must prune the shrub, it should be completed in late winter after the cold winter threat has passed. While there are many benefits to the Fine Line buckthorn, parts of the plant are toxic to animals and humans. For that reason, you should practice care when planting around your outdoor spaces.

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Fine Line Buckthorn


The Fine Line buckthorn is an excellent addition to any space. At Arbor Valley Nursery, we carry a large selection of plants, trees, and shrubs, including this versatile shrub. Our team can help you find the right shrubs or tree types for your landscaping business, garden center, or nursery. If you would like to learn more about the Fine Line buckthorn, please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form.

Plant Features

  • USDA Hardiness Zones: 2-7
  • Flower Color(s): Green
  • Bloom Period: Grown for Foliage
  • Foliage Color(s): Green
  • Light Exposure: Part Sun to Sun
  • Height Class: Tall
  • Height: 5-7 Feet
  • Spread: 2-3 Feet
  • Spacing: 3-5 Feet
  • Habit: Upright
  • Blooms On: n/a
  • Watering: Average
  • Shrub Type: Deciduous
  • Scientific Name: Fine Line® Rhamnus frangula ‘Ron Williams’ USPP 14,791
  • Common Name: Fine Line® Buckthorn
  • Other Name(s): Alder Buckthorn; Glossy Buckthorn; Breaking Buckthorn
  • Brand: Proven Winners®
  • Drought Tolerant: Yes
  • Features: Fall Interest; Foliage Interest; Deadheading Not Necessary

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