Austrian Pine

Pinus nigra

With its dense shape, the Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra) makes a beautiful selection for your yard. It is versatile as you can use as an ornamental tree or a privacy screen. If you want to add some year-round charm to your landscape, make sure to select this beautiful Austrian pine.

Austrian Pine Attributes

This dark green variety of pine is also known as the European black pine. With its strong evergreen branches, you can enjoy the elegance of this sturdy pine tree throughout the year. Austrian pines can grow extremely fast. This Austrian pine might add more than 3 feet in a single season.

You will love the long, dark needles that are anchored by the strong branches. If you are looking for a beautiful tree, this pine will provide your space with plenty of character. The spreading branches create a great pyramidal shape. When the tree matures, the Austrian pine features a flat-topped head. At maturity, the Austrian pine will reach a height of 40 to 60 feet.

Austrian Pine



  • Plant Type: Conifer, Tree
  • Watering Needs: Water regularly – weekly, until established
  • Botanical Pronunciation: PY-nus Ny-gruh
  • Deciduous/evergreen: Evergreen
  • Growth habit:
  • Average landscape size: 40-60’ tall – 25-35’ Wide
  • Special features: Bird Friendly, Easy Care, Fast Growing, Tolerates Road Salt, Tolerates Urban Pollution, Waterwise, Year-round Interest
  • Foliage color: Dark green
  • Blooms: Conifer
  • Flower color: 
  • Flower attributes: 
  • Garden style: Asian/Zen, Rustic
  • Design Ideas: Adapts well to dry conditions in the West, both in semi-desert and mountain foothill regions where soils are thin and poor. Makes a very graceful single specimen for front yards, parks or expansive estate-sized landscapes.
  • Companion Plants: Japanese Maple (Acer); Winterberry (Ilex); Switch Grass (Panicum); Dogwood (Cornus); Barberry (Berberis)

Austrian Pine Landscape Uses

The pine needles of the Austrian pine can absorb vibrations and noise along a highway or interchange. For that reason, they are the perfect choice for those who need a natural soundproof barrier. The versatility of the Austrian pine does not stop there. You can use these pines as shelterbelts and windbreaks. Near those sidewalks and driveways, they can even tolerate road salt.

The Austrian pine thrives as a privacy screen. Those long pine needles can block out any unsightly views in your outdoor space. As a windbreak, you will want to plant the Austrian pine in a zig-zag pattern to tamp down those high winds. If you are looking to create a natural screen, plant the trees at least 10 feet between the trunks. For a fuller look, these trees should not be planted more than 20 feet apart, or you will end up with a sparse appearance.

The Austrian pine can serve other purposes in your yard. They make the perfect backdrop for those flowering shrubs and trees. If you want a stunning contrasting appearance, it might be a great idea to pair these trees with other delicate trees or plants. These trees are the perfect complement to a zen garden. As the trees begin to mature, you will be treated to a unique shape that will provide your yard with plenty of charm.

The Austrian pine works well as a single specimen. For those who want to use the Austrian pine as a focal point, you could plant this specimen between large boulders or near a water feature. With the Austrian pine, you have a beautiful tree that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Austrian Pine Care

The Austrian pine is hardy throughout USDA zones 4 to 8. You will love the adaptable nature of this pine as it can flourish in various conditions. It is a sturdy tree that is adaptable to even those harsh urban locations. The Austrian pine tolerates rocky areas, windy conditions, or acidic soils. This pine tree can be planted in any well-draining soil, including some clay soils.

As these pines are settling in your landscape, you will want to water them on a regular basis. Once the roots are established, the Austrian pine is tolerant of droughts and other dry environments. 

Austrian pines need plenty of sun, and you should place them in areas of six hours or more of sunlight. These pines look the best when the branches reach down to the ground, and there is little need to prune this species.

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Pinus nigra

If you are looking for the perfect privacy tree in an urban space, then the Austrian pine is an excellent fit. This pine has a high tolerance for smog and pollution. With its height, the pine will create a solid wall for your landscape. You can escape to a private retreat when you use these trees around your property. In addition to that, the Austrian pine provides a spectacular color that you will enjoy throughout the year.

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