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What does landscaping mean to you? For many, arranging plants, trees, and shrubs into a unique setting is the gist of it. But if you want to elevate a landscaping project and transform the space, you are going to need the best greenery available. Say no to limited inventory and bland colors. Instead, visit Arbor Valley Nursery, where all of our plants are of the highest quality. For years, we have been supplying landscaping contractors and garden centers with healthy, resilient plants. Come see how we can help you, too!

Plant Nursery in Fort Lupton, Colorado

Blooming flowers and colorful plants can be used as the centerpiece for a landscaping project. With a wide selection, it is easier than ever to make a natural work of art. At Arbor Valley Nursery, you will find many marvelous options that will bring beauty to any landscape for a wonderful price. Our Purple Echinacea will be a highlight in any garden, while some Lo n’ Behold Blue Chip Butterfly Bush will bring hundreds of butterflies to the yard.

We take pride in the quality of our plant selection. To guarantee that our customers are only getting the healthiest and hardiest plants, we carry only premium brands, including Plant Select, Proven Winners, and First Editions. Any business that desires low maintenance garden will love the low-maintenance options from Plant Select.

Proven Winners provides a selection of flowers, trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses. If you want to add an amazing spread of color to a property, check out the vibrant Wine n’ Roses Weigela. The stunning pink flowers and dense leaves will certainly add character to any landscape.

First Editions promises growth with their Selected For Success guarantee. Any annual, perennial, shrub, or tree that you purchase from First Editions will last for years to come. You will find a selection of First Edition plants that can grow in containers on a patio or planted in a garden. A recommended choice is the Amber Jubilee Ninebark.

Shrub Nursery Near Me in Fort Lupton, Colorado

Shrubbery is one of the pieces of the landscaping puzzle. Planting shrubs adds zest to a yard. You will find bushes and ground cover of all colors, sizes, and shapes. For example, you can use the durable Spirea Magic Carpet to create an attractive hedge full of colors. Even on the cloudiest of days, the brilliant leaves of Spirea Magic Carpet bring sunshine.

Other uses for shrubs include focal points within flowerbeds, privacy screens, ornamental horticulture, and borders for fencing. If you need recommendations about what kind of shrub to use for your landscaping project, don’t hesitate to ask us. One plant we suggest is the Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry for enhancing curbside appeal throughout the year.

Popular Shrubs We Carry:


Wholesale Tree Nursery Near Me in Fort Lupton, Colorado

Trees have a special kind of magic. When trees are on a property, the grounds immediately look more welcoming, especially when there is plenty of shade. Trees can line driveways or form fences or become an accent within a garden. Plus, there are so many types of trees to choose from. One of our favorites is the Golden Rain Tree, which produces bright yellow flowers throughout the summer months. For a touch of intrigue, check out the Aspen Clump, with its eye-catching white bark and unique foliage.

We have plenty of options at Arbor Valley Nursery. Come by and see what kind of trees we have in stock.

Popular Trees we carry:

Grass Nursery Near Me in Fort Lupton, Colorado

Seeking to do something spectacular with your landscaping project? Then you are going to need grass. Sure, grass might seem like the most commonplace thing to add to a garden, but there are dozens of variants that can bring unexpected nuances and color to any space. Some grasses, like Variegated Maiden Grass, are excellent for texture, while others, such as Beyond Blue Fescue, introduce new shades that offset the pinks and yellows of flowers.

Popular Grasses we carry:

If you have a commercial landscaping business, we are here to help. No matter your design plan, we have the right plants, trees, shrubs, and grasses to take your space to the next level.

Shenandoah Switch Grass

Arbor Valley: The Best Wholesale Nursery Near Me

Wholesale Nursery in Fort Lupton, Colorado

Landscaping is an art; and the best art comes from superior supplies. Arbor Valley Nursery has every plant, tree, shrub, and grass you need to get started on your next landscaping project. Our specimens outstrip the competition in both longevity and warranty. With our level of quality, it is no wonder that we have been serving customers in Colorado for over 35 years. Why not stop by and see what makes our nursery so special?

Have questions about something in our catalog? Looking for more information about our services? Give us a call or fill out the contact form! We look forward to hearing from you.

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