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Ivory Halo Dogwood

Cornus alba ‘Bailhalo’

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Ivory Halo Dogwood with green leaves

Discover More Information On Ivory Halo Dogwood

The Ivory Halo dogwood (Cornus alba ‘Bailhalo’) is a beautiful cultivar that brings plenty of elegance to your spaces. No matter the time of the year, this Ivory Halo is a true showstopper. In the summer, the variegated leaves dazzle in the sunshine. The white winter snow allows those bright red twigs to stand out. The Ivory Halo is a wonderful shrub to add to any landscape.

Plant Attributes

This dogwood’s variegated leaves might be one of its best features. In the spring, you will notice a slight twinkle as the leaves shimmer in the sun. Since they are edged in a creamy white, these dogwoods are guaranteed to brighten up your landscape. During those hot summer days, you will enjoy the cool and fresh look of the foliage.

In the spring, white flowers develop at the tips of the branches. These spring flowers bloom into flat-topped clusters. With these beautiful flowers, the butterflies will visit your yard. Throughout the growing season, the flowers remain on the trees. The Ivory Halo dogwood brings motion and texture to your space.

By the fall, showy, white berries form on the shrub. These ornamental dogwoods light up your landscape for the autumn season. While you might not want to snack on those berries, your local songbirds will enjoy the tasty treats. Not to be left out, those leaves transform into a brilliant purplish-red tone for the fall. What a perfect element for those fall landscapes!

Let’s not forget about winter! During this season, the Ivory Halo shines. This dogwood develops intense red stems for the colder months. As the snow falls, these red twigs provide some much-needed interest to your landscape.

Landscape Use

The Ivory Halo is one shrub that you will want to include in your landscape. You can use it as a single specimen or low screening hedge. Since it stays naturally compact, this dogwood makes a tidy hedge. You can grow them naturally without any shearing.

The beautiful dogwood looks great when mixed in those perennial beds. Add them to the side of a patio to bring some color for the summer season. With its light summer color, the Ivory Halo really pops in front of darker evergreens. As the leaves fall, the red stems also stand out against those dark shrubs.

You can use those variegated leaves to brighten up your shrub borders or corners of your landscape. Those red stems are the perfect element for winter decorations. Spruce up your front entrance when you mix them with evergreen and holly branches.

Planting & Care

This dogwood is simple to maintain and easy to grow. The Cornus alba ‘Bailhalo’ thrives in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 7. If you are planting it in your yard, this dogwood requires moist, rich, and well-draining soil. It can also tolerate those wetter than normal spots. This dogwood can be planted in full sun or partial shade. For the best results, you want to use mulch for this variety. A little mulch can stop the soil from splashing on the foliage.

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Ivory Halo Dogwood


The Cornus alba ‘Bailhalo’ features gorgeous variegated leaves that are sure to bring some life to your landscape. This shrub is a compact grower, and it has better foliage and shape retention than other types of dogwoods. You can enjoy this shrub throughout the year. The summer leaves add some coolness during those hot days. For the winter, the red twigs provide a pop of color in your yard. This hardy shrub makes a remarkable statement when used in low screening hedges or mixed into perennial beds. Make sure to add this stunning Ivory Halo dogwood to your landscape.

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Plant Features

  • Plant Type: Shrub
  • Watering Needs: Moderate
  • Botanical Pronunciation: KOR-nus AL-ba
  • Deciduous/evergreen: Deciduous
  • Growth rate: Moderate
  • Average landscape size: Reaches 5 to 6 feet in height and width
  • Special features: Easy maintenance, variegated leaves, and red bark in winter
  • Foliage color: Variegated
  • Blooms: Late spring to early summer
  • Flower color: White
  • Flower attributes: White flowers in spring followed by berries in summer
  • Garden style: Mass planting, low hedge, woodland garden, and erosion control
  • Design Ideas: Perfect shrub to add winter interest to your landscape. Makes the ideal choice to brighten up corners or patios. Excellent choice in a woodland garden against darker evergreens.
  • Companion Plants: Red maples, Austrian black pines, birches, and other dogwoods

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