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Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea

Spiraea betulifolia

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Pink sparkler birchleaf spirea with pink flowers

Discover More Information On Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea

Bred in France, Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea blooms in early summer with large pink flowers at the terminals of this lovely, rounded shrub. It makes a statement in the autumn, when new flowers are formed and bloom along the leaf axils in each stem. Flowers are small, but there are more of them that add a pop of pink color to the fall landscape against leaves that age to burgundy-red. This plant needs very little pruning to keep its perfect shape.

Plant Attributes

The Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea, a breed originating from France, is a truly stunning shrub. It is noted for its rounded shape and vibrant pink flowers that come alive in the early summer. These blossoms, while small, are quite numerous and adorn the tips of the branches, giving the plant a remarkably vibrant and eye-catching appearance.

An intriguing characteristic of this plant is its dual blooming season. In the fall, new flowers are produced along the leaf axils on each stem, providing a second delightful burst of pink color to the landscape. This fall display is complemented beautifully by the leaves' transition to a deep burgundy-red color, creating a striking contrast that makes this spirea a standout feature in any garden.

The Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea stands 3-4 feet tall and wide, and is a hardy plant that can withstand temperatures in hardiness zones 3 to 8 and heat zones up to 7. It is a versatile shrub, thriving under full sun to part shade conditions. In terms of habit, the shrub naturally assumes a mounded form, requiring minimal pruning to maintain its ideal shape.

The bright green foliage of this spirea enhances its visual appeal and adds a fresh, lively feel to its surroundings. The combination of its unique blooming habits, bold fall colors, and low maintenance needs make the Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea a favored choice for landscapers and homeowners seeking to add a touch of color and charm to their outdoor spaces.

Landscape Use

The Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea is a highly versatile plant, making it an excellent choice for various landscaping uses. Here are some of the ways this colorful shrub can be employed in different landscaping settings:

  1. Foundation Planting: Due to its compact size and well-rounded form, it's ideal for foundation planting around houses and buildings, adding color and structure to the architectural setting.
  2. Border Plant: It can be used as a vibrant border plant along pathways or garden edges. The dual blooming season offers an extended period of visual interest.
  3. Mixed Shrub Border: The Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea works well in mixed shrub borders. Its pink blossoms and burgundy-red fall foliage provide excellent contrast to evergreen shrubs or those with variegated or golden foliage.
  4. Mass Planting: Given its vibrant colors and extended blooming period, it's excellent for mass planting in larger landscapes, creating a striking sea of pink blooms in both summer and fall.
  5. Containers: Its compact size makes it suitable for large container planting. It could be a centerpiece in a mixed container or stand alone for a simple, elegant statement.
  6. Wildlife Garden: The Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea can also be used in wildlife gardens, as its flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators, contributing to local biodiversity.
  7. Erosion Control: With its robust root system, the spirea can be used on slopes and banks to help control erosion while providing a visually appealing ground cover.

Planting & Care

Planting and caring for the Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea is relatively straightforward, thanks to its hardy nature and adaptability. Here are some guidelines to help you ensure your spirea thrives:


  1. Location: Choose a location with full sun to part shade. While this shrub can tolerate partial shade, it will bloom more profusely in full sun.
  2. Soil: Spirea prefers well-drained soil, but is adaptable to many soil types. The soil pH can be from mildly acidic to mildly alkaline.
  3. Spacing: If planting more than one spirea, space them 3-4 feet apart to allow for their mature size and encourage good air circulation.


  1. Watering: After planting, water thoroughly and regularly until the plant is established. Once established, spirea has some drought tolerance, but it's best to water deeply during dry periods.
  2. Fertilizing: Use a general-purpose garden fertilizer in the spring to promote vigorous growth and abundant blooms. Avoid over-fertilizing, as this can lead to fewer blooms and a less hardy plant.
  3. Pruning: While the Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea naturally maintains a pleasing shape and requires little pruning, you may wish to prune for size control or to remove spent flower clusters. This can encourage a second bloom. Pruning should be done in late winter or early spring when the plant is dormant.
  4. Mulching: A layer of mulch around the base of the plant can help conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and maintain a more stable root temperature.
  5. Pest and Disease Control: This variety of spirea is generally resistant to most pests and diseases. However, monitoring for common issues like powdery mildew, leaf spot, and aphids is a good practice. If you notice any signs of these problems, use an appropriate treatment promptly.

Remember to always check with your local extension service for specific recommendations for your area, as conditions can vary widely by location.

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Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea


Plant Features

  • Height: 3-4'
  • Width: 3-4'
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-8
  • Heat Zone: 7
  • Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Habit: Mounded
  • Flower Color: Bright Pink
  • Foliage: Bright Green

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