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Rock 'N Round® 'Popstar' Stonecrop

Sedum hybrid

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Rock 'N Round® 'Popstar' Stonecrop

Discover More Information On Rock 'N Round® 'Popstar' Stonecrop

The Rock 'N Round® 'Popstar' Stonecrop, a sedum hybrid, emerges as a charismatic addition to any garden, captivating with its resilience and stunning aesthetics. Thriving under full sun exposure, this low-maintenance perennial is perfectly suited for gardeners seeking both beauty and durability in their landscapes. Adorned with blue-green foliage that forms a dense, compact, mounded habit, it offers year-round interest — a testament to its versatile charm.

From late summer into early fall, 'Popstar' truly lives up to its name, producing a spectacular display of salmon pink flowers that attract bees, butterflies, and admiration from all who behold them. Its foliage, a delightful blend of blue and green, adds a cooling contrast to the warmer tones of its blooms, enhancing its visual appeal. With a garden height of 10 to 12 inches and a spread of 16 to 20 inches, it's an ideal choice for borders, containers, and as a ground cover, providing a lush, colorful tapestry in any setting.

Hardy in zones 3 through 9, the 'Popstar' Stonecrop demonstrates exceptional tolerance to drought, salt, and even rabbits, making it a formidable choice for gardeners contending with challenging conditions. It requires minimal care, flourishing in poor to average, well-drained soil without the need for supplemental water or fertilization. Whether used in mass plantings, as a vibrant addition to the landscape, or even as a cut flower, this sedum hybrid brings effortless elegance and a touch of the wild to both formal and informal gardens alike.

Plant Attributes

The Rock 'N Round® 'Popstar' Stonecrop, a Sedum hybrid, emerges as a charismatic addition to any garden, seamlessly blending resilience with aesthetic appeal. This perennial plant thrives under full sun exposure, requiring six or more hours of sunlight daily to flourish. Ideal for gardeners seeking low-maintenance options, it exhibits a remarkable drought tolerance and is also known for its salt resistance, making it a hardy choice for diverse landscapes. The plant's foliage, a captivating mix of blue and green, forms a dense, compact, and mounded habit, creating an eye-catching display even before the blooms appear.

As the season transitions from late summer to early fall, the 'Popstar' reveals its true splendor with salmon pink flowers that attract bees and butterflies, adding vibrancy and life to your garden. It stands at a modest height of 10 to 12 inches and spreads 16 to 20 inches wide, making it an excellent choice for borders, containers, or as a groundcover in mass plantings. This stonecrop is not only a visual treat but also a practical one; it resists rabbit damage and can thrive in a range of soil types from poor to average quality, provided they are well-drained.

Landscape Use

The Rock 'N Round® 'Popstar' Stonecrop, with its distinctive blue-green foliage and salmon pink blooms, offers versatile landscaping uses that cater to various design preferences and garden needs. Its compact size and robust nature make it an excellent choice for a range of applications:

  • Border Plant: Its dense, mounded habit creates a neat and structured edge along garden beds or walkways, adding a splash of color and texture.
  • Container Gardening: Perfect for adding life to patios, balconies, or any outdoor space. Its drought tolerance makes it ideal for containers where watering can be less consistent.
  • Cut Flower: The salmon pink blooms can be cut and used in floral arrangements, providing a unique color and form that lasts well in vases.
  • Dried Flower: Beyond its fresh appeal, the flowers of the 'Popstar' Stonecrop can also be dried, preserving their beauty for long-lasting indoor displays.
  • Groundcover: When planted en masse, it forms a vibrant, low-maintenance carpet that suppresses weeds and covers bare spots with ease, making it an attractive solution for large areas.
  • Landscape Accent: As a standalone plant or in small groups, it serves as a focal point in the garden, drawing attention with its season-long visual interest.
  • Mass Planting: Utilizing this plant in large numbers can create a stunning visual impact, especially when its late summer and fall blooms provide a burst of color.
  • Rock Gardens: Its tolerance for poor soil and drought conditions makes it a natural fit for rock gardens, where it can thrive in the cracks and crevices between stones.
  • Xeriscaping: An excellent choice for water-wise gardens, contributing color, texture, and form without requiring extensive irrigation.

Incorporating the Rock 'N Round® 'Popstar' Stonecrop into your garden or landscape brings not only visual appeal but also ecological benefits, attracting pollinators while resisting pests and requiring minimal maintenance. Its versatility allows it to adapt to various design themes, from modern minimalist to traditional cottage gardens, making it a valuable addition to any outdoor space.

Planting & Care

The Rock 'N Round® 'Popstar' Stonecrop is celebrated for its low-maintenance requirements and easy care, making it a splendid choice for gardeners of all levels. Here's how to plant and care for this resilient perennial:

Planting Instructions:

  • Location: Choose a site that receives full sun, as the 'Popstar' Stonecrop thrives in areas that get at least 6 hours of sunlight daily.
  • Soil: Plant in well-drained soil. While it can tolerate poor soil conditions, good drainage is crucial to prevent root rot.
  • Spacing: Space plants 16 to 20 inches apart to allow for their mature spread.
  • Depth: Dig a hole as deep and twice as wide as the root ball. Place the plant in the hole so that the top of the root ball is level with the soil surface. Fill in around the plant and firm the soil to eliminate air pockets.

Care Instructions:

  • Watering: This plant requires low water. Once established, it is drought-tolerant and does not require supplemental watering except in extreme heat or when planted in containers.
  • Fertilizing: Fertilization is not necessary. The 'Popstar' Stonecrop performs best in poor to average soil and may not benefit from additional nutrients.
  • Pruning: Pruning is generally not required. However, deadheading the spent blooms can encourage a tidier appearance and possibly extend blooming.
  • Winter Care: The 'Popstar' Stonecrop is hardy in zones 3 through 9 and typically does not need winter protection in these areas. Its foliage provides winter interest and should be left in place until early spring.
  • Pest and Disease Management: This plant is not only drought and salt tolerant but also resists rabbit damage. Monitor for pests and diseases typical to sedums but expect minimal problems due to its resilience.

Additional Tips:

  • Mulching: A light mulch can help conserve moisture and reduce weed competition, especially in hotter climates. Avoid mulching directly against the plant's base to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Soil pH: The 'Popstar' Stonecrop is adaptable to a wide range of soil pH levels, including acidic, neutral, and alkaline soils.
  • Uses in the Landscape: Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of uses, including borders, containers, groundcover, and as an accent plant in drought-tolerant landscapes.

By following these planting and care instructions, your Rock 'N Round® 'Popstar' Stonecrop will be set to flourish, bringing a burst of late summer and early fall color to your garden with minimal effort.

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Rock 'N Round® 'Popstar' Stonecrop


Plant Features

  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Watering Needs: Low; does not require supplemental water. Needs good drainage.
  • Botanical Pronunciation: Not provided
  • Deciduous/evergreen: Not explicitly stated, but it is implied it has year-round interest.
  • Growth rate: Not specified
  • Average landscape size: Grows to a height of 10-12 inches and spreads 16-20 inches wide.
  • Special features: Border Plant, Container, Cut Flower, Dried Flower, Groundcover, Landscape, Mass Planting. Notable for its foliage interest, fall interest, winter interest, drought tolerance, salt tolerance. Attracts bees and butterflies, resists rabbits.
  • Dramatic Foliage: Blue-green foliage that forms a dense, compact, mounded habit.
  • Foliage color: Blue, Green
  • Blooms: Late Summer to Early Fall
  • Flower color: Salmon pink
  • Flower attributes: Salmon pink flowers that attract bees and butterflies.
  • Garden style: Suitable for a variety of garden styles with its versatile appearance and attributes.
  • Design Ideas: Ideal for adding texture and color to rock gardens, borders, and container arrangements. Its compact and mounded habit makes it a perfect filler for mixed beds or as a standout specimen in small garden spaces. Can be used in mass plantings to create a vibrant, low-maintenance groundcover that transitions beautifully from late summer into fall.
  • Companion Plants: Pair with other drought-tolerant and sun-loving perennials or grasses that appreciate the same low-maintenance care. Good companions could include lavender, Russian sage, and ornamental grasses, which will complement the 'Popstar' Stonecrop's foliage and flower color.

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