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Spirea Goldflame

Spiraea x bumalda

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Spirea Goldflame, light green shrub with tints of yellow and red

Discover More Information On Spirea Goldflame

You will love the easy nature of the Goldflame spirea (Spiraea x bumalda ‘Goldflame‘). This small shrub makes the perfect accent in your landscape design. With this shrub, you can count on its exceptional performance throughout the seasons. Now is the time to choose the Goldflame spirea for your landscape.

Plant Attributes

The Goldflame spirea will become an absolute gem in your yard. The compact and upright mounded shrub provides color throughout the growing season. As the leaves start to emerge, they flourish in yellow, rust, and copper-orange tones. Once those leaves mature, you will be treated to a display of yellowish-green colors.

The bright green foliage is not the only highlight of this shrub. You will notice rose-pink flowers in late spring to early summer. This shrub is a profuse bloomer, and it attracts bees and butterflies to your yard. Later in the summer, the flowers will rebloom for even more color. All you have to do is snip off the spent blooms and sit back for another round of color.

In the fall, this charming small shrub puts on a show of dazzling color. The foliage turns into orange and yellow shades, and it is definitely an eye-catcher in your yard. When other plants and shrubs are losing their color, this shrub provides a boost to your garden.

Landscape Use

If you want a substantial foundation planting, then this spirea is an excellent choice. You can place the Goldflame spirea in front of dense evergreen shrubs to help brighten up the space. These shrubs can be planted by themselves. When planted underneath your windows, you never have to worry about them blocking the view. At full maturity, this compact shrub has a spread and height of 3 to 4 feet.

A path of Goldflame spireas is the perfect way to tie together the design of your landscape. With a gentle zig-zag pattern or slight curve, this spirea adds a dramatic flair to those outdoor spaces. You can place these shrubs near the sidewalk or mailbox to add some curb appeal to your property.

In those container gardens, the Goldflame spirea thrives from the spring to the fall. You can dress them up with annuals or other grasses. Several Goldflame spireas look great as a single display in your landscape. With the Goldflame spirea on your patio or deck, you can add color to these empty spaces. This spirea is an excellent choice for a butterfly garden. These little creatures will come by and sip on the sweet nectar of the pink flowers.

Since they have a full appearance, you might want to use these shrubs as a low hedge in your yard. Plant them about 2 feet around any walkway or border. You can frame your space without completely enclosing the landscape. The Goldflame is a perfect choice for edging out those garden beds.

Planting & Care

The Goldflame spirea can adapt to a wide range of climates. However, they will do best in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 9. This spirea is known for its heat tolerance. You still want to watch out for periods of extreme heat. The Goldflame spirea needs additional water for long periods without rain. You should think about adding a layer of mulch to the outside of the plant. This mulch keeps the roots cool and cuts down on surface evaporation.

This spirea grows in average to medium wet soil. You want to place it in well-draining soil with partial to full sunlight. If you’re going to prune the Goldflame spirea, it should be done in the late winter to early spring. Since the flowers bloom on new wood, you want to remove all those spent flowers to help the reblooming during the summer. As you can tell, the Goldflame spirea does not require much maintenance throughout the year.

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Spirea Goldflame


This dense, upright shrub will fill your spring garden with bronze hues. In the summer, this spirea matures into shades of soft yellow-green. If that wasn’t enough, panicles of rose-pink flowers pop out from the foliage in the summer. When autumn arrives, you will be treated to a brilliant display of copper-orange colors. In other words, this shrub will dazzle you throughout the year with its fantastic colors.

Arbor Valley Nursery wants to bring this Goldflame spirea to your nursery business. We can help you add this beautiful shrub to your inventory. If you would like more information, please fill out the contact form.

Plant Features

  • Plant Type: Shrub
  • Watering Needs: Water regularly to maintain evenly moist soil – weekly, or more often.
  • Botanical Pronunciation: spy-REE-a x bew-MAL-da
  • Deciduous/evergreen: Deciduous
  • Growth rate: Moderate
  • Average landscape size: Moderate growing; reaches 3 to 4 ft. tall, spreading wider.
  • Special features: Dramatic Foliage Color, Fall Color, Tolerates Urban Pollution
  • Foliage color: Green
  • Blooms: late spring until early summer, longer if deadheaded
  • Flower color: Red
  • Flower attributes: Showy Flowers
  • Garden style: Cottage
  • Design Ideas: The bright yellow-green of the foliage makes this a stand-out shrub for the mixed border, and outstanding fall color makes it a real eye-catcher. Plant singly or in a group in the sunny border or at the corner of a walkway where it will easily be seen.
  • Companion Plants: Maiden Grass (Miscanthus); Weigela (Weigela); Coneflower (Echinacea); Spruce (Picea); Barberry (Berberis)

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