Labor Force Multiplier

Offering on-site training to develop your staff, increasing their efficiency and cutting down on hiring costs.

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Labor Force Multiplier

About Labor Force Multiplier

Our Myke Pro Warranty program provides you with the peace-of-mind that your plants, trees, shrubs, and grasses will survive long after planting. Our Myke Pro program saves you time and money by having minimal plant loss, with brighter and longer blooms.

Myke Pro Advantages:

  • Increases plant survival by 75%
  • Improves soil structure & prevents erosion
  • 2x faster plant establishment
  • Increases water penetration by 25%
  • Reduces watering needs up to 30%
  • Increase phosphorus absorption by 3 to 5x
  • Reduces the wasted hours need for warranty work
  • Increases your team's productive work

Reach out to our Arbor Valley experts for how you can save time, money, and resources on your landscaping costs, and provide the best product to your customers.

Save time and money with Labor Force Multiplier and get staff educated on the best practices for landscaping, ordering plants, and delivering great results for your clients. Set up your employees for success and attract higher and make sure they are ready for any project that comes your way.

Our team of experts are passionate about educating others about the best practices for landscaping, what plants go best with different types of soils and areas. We want to share that knowledge with you.

Labor Force Multiplier


Maximize the potential of your crew and project leaders with our Labor Force Multiplier program.


Functional training

Enroll your staff in basic certification training to boost on-the-job effectiveness.


Management training

Identify and advance your staff’s skills to help them become more effective in managing their labor force.




Professional Training

Develop your business and grow by developing your people to grow.

Labor Force Multiplier



Developing your staff

We will help to train your staff with a basic certification training program to boost on the job effectiveness.



Trained crew efficiency

Performing projects right, the first time, through a team of educated professionals.



Your revenue & your business

Reduce your hiring costs and increase crew efficiency with the help of our training programs.

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