The Smart Solution for Your Landscaping Business


Plant Purchasing



February 3, 2023

The Smart Solution for Your Landscaping Business

Owning a successful landscaping business is no easy feat. From purchasing equipment to quoting jobs, hiring employees, and building up a strong client base, you have to put in a ton of time and effort before your business takes off. And that can lead to some serious work-related stress.

The good news, however, is that there are plenty of things you can do in order to minimize the inevitable pressure that comes with owning your own business and ensure that all of your hard work is being rewarded.

Want to know the best way to run your landscaping business efficiently and increase your profits? Simple! Partner with a wholesale nursery that you can really count on.

Rapid Response Delivery

While your competitors are still working with a wholesaler that takes a full 2 to 3 days at best to process an order, you can take full advantage of a nursery that offers Rapid Response Delivery.

With landscaping projects lined up back-to-back and an entire crew to keep busy, any delay in delivery can cause a major change to your overall schedule. Keeping a crew idle on site with no work to complete, disappointing your clients becomes more likely. You certainly don’t want that!

Instead, partner with a nursery that offers a quick quote turnaround, the ability to have your order pulled for you, a pre-tagging service, and transfers between locations or direct shipment to your job site.

Doing so means that you can focus on what you love most—creating unique and beautiful landscapes for all of your clients.

With Rapid Response Delivery, you can get quotes to your clients faster, complete projects ahead of schedule, and make your clients happy so they continue to refer friends and family members to you as well.

Labor Force Multiplier

Another thing you should keep in mind while choosing a nursery to partner with is a Labor Force Multiplier program—one specifically designed to provide on-site functional training for all members of your crew as well as advanced management training for any project leaders that you choose to enroll.

These types of programs educate your staff on landscaping best practices including how to order plants for small, medium, and large projects, learning which plants are native to your local area, and determining which types of soil work best for certain trees, shrubs, grasses, and plants to thrive in.

Not only does having a well-educated crew lead to happier clients, but it also prepares new employees to take on a variety of landscaping jobs, helps existing employees obtain new professional development skills, improves your company’s employee retention rate, and increases the overall efficiency of your entire staff.

Provide your employees with a wealth of new knowledge and your clients with a highly-skilled landscaping crew by enrolling your staff in a Labor Force Multiplier Program today.

Plant Purchasing Simplified

Lastly, partner with a nursery that streamlines the entire plant purchasing process from estimating each order quickly and accurately to locating specialty plants and providing an on-time delivery you can bet on.

For example, you may be looking for:

  1. Miss Kim Lilac - a shrub with pale lavender flowers
  2. Autumn Blaze Maple - a deciduous tree with a stunning red-orange fall color
  3. Fountain Grass - an ornamental grass with white flowers
  4. Wine n Rose’s Weigela - a shrub with flowers in deep magenta hues
  5. Maiden Grass - an herbaceous grass with white flowers

Working with a nursery that has a Plant Purchasing Simplified program means you’ll enjoy all the benefits of having an expert landscaper in your corner. From identifying supply chain issues to reducing your risk of experiencing plant loss and pointing out warranty timelines, a good wholesale nursery sees you as more than just another customer.

Furthermore, a nursery can assist you in determining what trees, shrubs, grasses, and plants you’ll need in the upcoming months, offer an incredible amount of savings thanks to their high purchasing power, ensure a quick delivery, and provide you with convenient payment terms that reduce your cost and thereby improve your profitability.

Arbor Valley Nursery can be your one-stop landscaping shop. With rapid response delivery, our Labor Force Multiplier, and Plant Purchasing Simplified programs, we make owning a landscaping business that much easier.