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Little Devil Ninebark

Physocarpus opulifolius

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Discover More Information On Little Devil Ninebark

Ninebarks are known for their decorative and hardy qualities. However, if you wanted to grow one in your landscape, you needed significant space. With the introduction of the Little Devil ninebark, you can now add this shrub to smaller areas. This dwarf variety takes all those great qualities and combines them into a small package. If you want an ornamental with limited space, you cannot go wrong with the Little Devil ninebark.

Plant Attributes

There is so much to say about this eye-catching shrub. It has glossy, reddish-purple foliage that makes a great addition to any landscape. The interior leaves are greener than most ninebarks. Its red stems take the aesthetics to another level. In the summer, you can enjoy the tiny white flowers that have a slight touch of pink hue. During the fall, the Little Devil ninebark will blossom with reddish fruit. Once the Little Devil begins to mature, it will live up to the “ninebark” name as the exfoliating bark adds more color to your landscape.

This variety of ninebark features a fine texture and upright spreading habit. The dark foliage makes it unique among the other ninebark varieties. In addition to that, this ninebark is mildew-resistant, and it will not turn into a powdery white shrub after a few years. The Little Devil is pest-resistant as well. This plant adapts well to dry or wet soil. In the summer, the small white flowers add a nice contrast with the burgundy foliage of the shrub. The Little Devil ninebark makes an excellent substitution for barberry in places where it might be considered an invasive species.

Landscape Use

This dwarf deciduous shrub features rich burgundy foliage that will hold its color from the early spring to the autumn leaf drop. Since it will only grow from three to four feet tall and wide, the Little Devil is the perfect plant for mass plantings, small gardens, edges, and containers. It also has a low canopy, and it will grow at an average rate. The Little Devil ninebark is hardy to zone 3, and it makes an excellent shrub if you want to add color to those northern gardens. The foliage of the Little Devil will set itself apart in any landscape. With its relatively easy-care, this dwarf shrub is an excellent choice for almost all outdoor spaces.

Planting & Care

The Little Devil ninebark will do best in partial shade to full sun. It can adapt to both moist and dry conditions. Many landscapers and homeowners will not have a problem with the care and maintenance of this shrub. The Little Devil is not particular about the pH levels or soil type. It is tolerant of harsh conditions, including those in the city. This shrub will thrive in urban conditions and poor soil. With its vigorous root system, the Little Devil can grow in hard clay or compacted soil. This plant is an excellent addition to any landscape with its colors that can last throughout the year. The Little Devil will be a maintenance-free addition to your outdoor space. Under ideal conditions, the plant will live for 30 years.

Pruning is not necessary, but it is recommended to thin out inner branches and keep its shape. When you prune, you will keep the growing ninebark attractive and healthy. The renewal pruning should be done to a foot above the ground about every few years. You don’t want to prune too often, or you can stunt the peeling bark in the winter.

With its rounded and upright shape, the Little Devil is a compact ninebark. This small shrub is best used in foundation plantings and edges. Its striking burgundy colors will bring some excitement to your landscape. Once it has established, this drought-tolerant shrub is adaptable, and it needs only simple maintenance. You don’t even have to worry about pests or diseases with this hardy variety. If you want an exceptional ninebark for your outdoor space, make sure to choose the Little Devil today.

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